This Electric Boat Made Of Aluminum Can Travel At Over 70 Knots

Aligning power, speed, and head-turning aesthetics, Denmark’s Sarvo Marine has developed the Sarvo 37. The sleek aluminum-bodied day cruiser comes equipped with a whopping 1280 horses of power, all coming from its electric motors, giving it a hyper-car-like power-to-weight ratio.

When pushed to its boundaries, the boat zips across the water at 70-knots appearing as a swiftly moving shiny metal projectile. In case you don’t want to go all-out, it can also go to a 100 nautical miles per hour speed. It only asks for a single hour recharge before going all crazy again.

If you happen to look at the boat on a sunny day, you might be confused as it would appear and go, given the kind of sun reflecting is laid down on its outer surface. However, on a clear blue day, you’ll find a sleek vessel that elegantly walks the tight rope between Scandinavian minimalism and attractive individualism. The uniquely developed hull aluminum is 60 percent made up of recycled aluminum, making it cost-effective. Moreover, it is designed for low maintenance, free of corrosion performance. This new hull enables it to offer more strength than a fiberglass body and asks for almost zero maintenance.

The Sarvo shape is designed such that its 350-kWh battery pack gives the best performance and mileage possible. It is shaped into a three-shaped hull and contains a V-shaped razor-like bow inspired by Vintage Danish minesweepers. Its sharp prow cuts help it sail at low speeds, and its flattened stern gives its smooth planing at faster speed sailing.

Dazzling aluminium electric boat powers to speeds of 70 knots

Its electric powertrain is designed by Jonas Voss, who is now CTO at Sarvo. Earlier, he was electric propulsion chief at Koenigsegg Automotive, the company famous for designing optimum power to weight ratios. The optimized electric propulsion tech enables a light and compact electric drive that contains immense acceleration due to its submerged propeller position. The performance is optimized in every way, and all its balanced weight increases water balance and handling.

The performance-optimized Sarvo 37 can travel to speeds between 70 and 100 nautical miles, which equals a maximum of 185 km/h speed. Its additional battery pack option keeps the adventure going for longer periods if the primary battery pack gets completely drained.

The Sarvo 37 comes with one-hour quick recharging, termed as a ‘Nerve smart charging system.’ Its interior is all designed with synthetic and eco-friendly material. The wooden appearing trims are not actual wood to maintain the ship’s consistency in every form possible. Taking care of the chillings’ needs, Sarvo placed two coolers inside the ship. One is for regular drinks, and the other one is specially designed for champagne bottles.

Underneath the deck, the cabin contains a custom twin bed with a built-in bedside charger for convenience. The rest of the cabin is optimally designed with all the cool panels to appear modern and classy.

Sarvo hasn’t made the price tag public for its Sarvo 37. However, seeing all the cool features and their quality built, it won’t be wrong to assume that it comes with a high price tag. The first Sarvo 37 1300 HP all-electric boat is under process and is planned to be completed by May.

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