Watch What Happens When You Light A Steel Wool On Fire

Steelwool fire

Before you begin with this article, keep in mind that fire is a dangerous thing to play with. To proceed with these simple tricks, some ground rules should be established regarding safety, and you should follow them to the letter. People do a lot of cool stuff with fire from breathing huge flames with the help of kerosene or passing through rings of fire while doing juggling acts. All of these require a special set of skills, and they are more acrobatics rather than tricks. Here we are going to show you ten simple fire tricks that are mostly safe enough to conduct in a household. Plus, they require no skill and only some daily kitchen stuff to carry out.
10 amazing fire tricks

So, thank us later and first watch this amazing compilation of these simple yet amazing tricks:

Barney Stinson would be pleased. Do demonstrate in front of party folk or your colleagues but don’t do in front of children. They tend to get excited and do stuff on their own and let’s face it. They will find these things whether or not you will hide them.

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