He Poured Epoxy All Over His Floor. The End Result Was Simply Stunning

epoxy floors3

So, you are tired of your old floors and want to give them a complete makeover to make them better looking? Try using epoxy liquid epoxy as it has become an internet sensation throughout. It is a hot new trend that is slowly finding its way to ordinary homes as the process is extremely simple, cheap and quick setting as opposed to other floors that require days and days to be put into place and then dry out. The epoxy creates a glossy and deep appearance floor that can also give a 3D outlooks like flowing streams of metallic plasma and illusion of smoothly shaped craters.

epoxy floors3 epoxy floors4 epoxy floors2 epoxy floors

Many of these amazing epoxy floors have been made at a fraction of the cost and have many colors and shades to choose from while the form of the floor itself is also up to a person’s discretion. Plus, they all look some kind of high-end material that is used in expensive hotels. The floor is lovely, but you shouldn’t go doing it right on your floor. It requires some level of expertise and aesthetic sense before doing it. You should lay down a few floors in your basement or other extra areas before trying it out in the living room.


  1. PK Reply

    Epoxy compounds are carcinogenic and not recommended for home floors etc particularly if babies are there who crawl on the floors.

  2. christine ramos Reply

    Hello.Where can I get it how much is it? How long does it last which countries is it available in?

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