Watch What Happens When You Heat AA Batteries With A Blow Torch

AA battery exploding

The checklist used by the Slow Mo Guys to come up with a new video is very simple. Walk down a supermarket aisle, pick any random daily life object, read the back cover instructions on how NOT to use the product and apply those to make an awesome clip leaving reverberations on the internet for many days to come!

Gav and Dan did it again as they put a blow torch to an AA battery (when it specifically asks you not to) and burnt it up while filming this all in the mesmerizing 70,000 fps Slow Mo!

While most of the massive flame in the video came from the blowtorch rather than the contents of the battery, the “experiment” should be a reminder of how these dangerous batteries can turn into high-speed, exploding projectiles.

If there is anything such as mad science, this is it!

What are your thoughts on the incredible video? Comment below!

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