This Painter Creates Artwork Using Gunpowder And Then Sets Them On Fire

art by gunpowder

We never knew that a person could be so artistic and unfeigned! Danny Shervin is an artist who has come up with a creative way to burn gunpowder and immortalize his art into a sheet of paper. He creates incredibly detailed works of art, most of which are inspired by nature. He spreads gunpowder and then against all intuition and common sense, he puts a lighter on it and burns the whole thing.

Pushing and placing gunpowder to resemble landscapes is not an easy task. Danny mentions on his website that each painting takes several hours to finish. Putting a lighter to the art ensures a mesmerizing process of the flame burning with an orgasmic flare and leaving behind burn marks that stay there for the eternity!

This rather peculiar art type is uploaded on his Paint with Gunpowder YouTube channel, but we warn you that you will get hooked on it for good!

What are your thoughts on his incredible artwork? Comment below!

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