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Watch What Happens When This Guy Runs Transparent Engine On Gunpowder Instead Of Gasoline

Guy runs an engine on gunpowder to explode it in this in this satisfying experiment

Take off your headphones for this 9-minute video of a transparent engine exploding in slow motion.

Are you wondering why this work of art engine explodes? It happens when the engine is made to run on gunpowder instead of gasoline. Yes, this is the twist, and we kind of disclosed it. However, since this is nothing short of amazing, you must watch it.

Every little detail is captured in slow-motion with a high-speed camera. As per the explanation box, the engine had to be improvised to build a delivery system to make it run on gunpowder while it was switched on.

It was not a mean feat but was accomplished in the end by finding an alternate solution. Tune in, to watch the video.

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