Watching A Transparent Rotary Engine In Super Slow Motion Is Oddly Satisfying


Some of our favorite Mazda sports cars use rotary engines in them. These engines are not like the engines which use cylinders. They have a triangular rotating mass that sits inside an assembly and creates three separate chambers for air to be sucked in. The air that enters is combined with fuel, compressed and then ignited. The ignition causes the spinning of the mass, spins the shaft connected to the transmission and sends the power to the wheels.

A YouTube Channel “Warped Perception” has put together a very comprehensive video which covers the inner workings of the rotary engine. It has also shown a first-hand on how the design works using a small see-through engine. The engine was taken out of a remote-controlled plane. A high-tech slow-motion camera pointed at the engine and can show the entire process in action. Check out the beautiful video below.

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