Watch What Happens When Molten Thermite At 3632 °F Meets Water

Thermite is a chemical mixture that consists of aluminium and iron oxide, or we can say, pretty much rust powder. When we ignite it by high temperatures, it burns so hotly that it is capable of passing through pavements and can even melt through the engine block of a car, which depicts its high melting capacity.

It is an absolute treat for eyes to watch the “very bright on burning” material in this slow-motion video experiment conducted by Slow Mo Guys’ Gav.

Thermite is ignited and dropped into a glass tank filled with water, and that’s where Ultra 4k cameras come into play to capture a thousand frames a second, it is then exposed to the f-16 mode where the sunny day looks like a dark night.

Thermite just shines through the glass tank as the material is capable of staying on fire even underwater, it creates a mesmerizing sight, running through the water making it look as if it came out of some science fiction movie. In the final slow-mo clip, Thermite turned the steel can into liquid in a third of a second.

Material scientists have warned never to use thermite against water or glass, it didn’t stop the slow-mo guys from doing it, and that is why he suggests us not to try this at home or without the use of proper gear. It shouldn’t be risked like this as now we all know it can burn through anything and the fumes in the burning process can also be harmful.

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