Watch Water Droplets Bounce And Dance Purely Under The Forces of Nature


There is nothing more freshening than the romantic dance of nature with a mix of colors. Here we are going to show you some amazing gifs in which colored water droplets perform some really cool juggling and positioning acts purely under the forces of nature. After seeing this, you will undoubtedly undergo lengthy deliberation whether these droplets have come to life or not!

First of all, what kind of behavior makes living things to be termed “alive”? The first thing is that we are socially active even at microscopic level where bacteria and other organisms make colonies together. Second thing is that we inherently stick to our kind. Well water  droplets don’t show any of these primary characteristics of living organisms, do they?


drop 4

Nate Cira noticed it while doing her undergraduate project. She noticed how water was behaving strangely. She invited fellow students Manu Prakash and Adrian Benusiglio to try and make it do more wonderful stuff. What they got as a result was baffling.


In different experiments, water droplets appear to be socializing, interacting and even avoiding each other just like a normal living things. It is simply too bizarre to be held true. Here, Water is making a perfect line (Like a military drill)


Racist water droplets only falling on their colored counterparts. What do you know?


Reality? Well, the reality is just plain and simple. Each pigment or color that the droplets have imparts unique characteristics. This astonishing phenomenon is called artificial chematoaxis that results in more association with the color of the same color.

Well, the good thing is that this all was eventually proved  or else we would be left scratching our heads. Chematoaxis also helps many microorganisms like bacteria find their way if there is a gradient of color present. If no gradient is present, they can’t navigate.

Bacteria moving with color gradient.


Bacteria moving without color gradient


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