Guy Puts Soap In Microwave & Presses Start Button. He Was Mind Blown By What Happened Next!

soap in microwave

Well, you shouldn’t be adding anything into the microwave unless its food because different kinds of stuff have funny effects of microwave heating. Metals discharge electric currents and damage the microwave interior, aluminum foil catches fire and burns the food stored inside and so on. However, we are going to tell you a fun experiment with the microwave that is a great spectacle to see and safe to carry out and nothing  is wasted in the process as well.

So what you have to do is to take an ordinary ivory soap, put it on a flat glass plate and place it in the microwave.


Done that? Now turn on the microwave and see what’s happening.


Yes! The soap is transforming from a bar shape into a foam-like appearance.


Here is the final shape if the poor soap.


It is still usable, so you don’t have to worry about wastage. What happens is that there are tiny pockets of air still present in the soap after the soap forming process. When the high energy microwaves are incident on the soap, it can’t absorb much energy because of relatively less moisture. So, all of the energy is absorbed by the air in the pockets, and it expands at a fast rate resulting in the soap being transformed into this mass of foam. So do try it at home but don’t forget to clean it all up afterwards because you don’t want to end up with extra soap filling in your food!
Here is the full-length video:


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