Watch This Wheel Get Crushed Into A Dozen Piece By A 150 Ton Hydraulic Press

wheel exploding in a hydraulic press

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube is curious to know the fate of ordinary items when they go under a hydraulic press system. This time, the channel wanted to see what will happen if they put a wheel there and how much force it will need to get destroyed. They used both alloy rims and regular rims to compare their results. This is not the first time they are crushing something interesting. Some years back they destroyed sticks of carbon fiber using the same method and gave exciting results.

They used a 150-ton hydraulic press. First, the host went from the top of the wheel, collapsed the alloy wheel and fractured its spokes. The steel wheel folded in itself with the pressure. Then the host of the channel laid down the wheel so the press will put pressure on the center of it. The alloy wheel exploded into several pieces, and the tire shoots up and hit the roof of the press. The steel tire, on the other hand, didn’t blow so violently and stayed in one piece during the experiment. Watch the video and be mesmerized with the view of an exploding tire.

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