Watch This Modified Prius Beat A Dodge Challenger SRT

prius vs dodge challenger

Seeing a Toyota Prius running on a drag strip isn’t a regular thing. This hybrid car is more of a family car than a race car, but the Prius we are talking about is not an ordinary one. A group of speed racers named the American Racing Headers modified a Prius and gave it a new engine, chassis, transmission and a Hellcat engine. They claim to have it tuned it to 800 HP as compared to Hellcat factory rated 707 HP.

This souped-up Prius with a six-speed transmission, a custom chassis, and 800 horses under the hood was set out to face the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon on a drag race strip. In no time, the Prius had reached the finish line, defeating the ultimate champion of drag. This victory does not mean that Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is slow. It is a fast car that can do a quarter mile in 9.65 seconds. However, the super-tuned Toyota Prius was too much for it.

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