50-Year-Old Streamliner Sets New Land Speed Record At 722 Km/hr

danny thompson speed record

Danny Thompson has set a new land speed record for an internal combustion engine car. He was clocked at 722.1 km/h at Bonneville Salt Flats; an area loved by all speed enthusiasts. This new land speed record has been set by a 50-year-old car, the Challenger 2. This build was made by Danny’s father, Mickey Thompson who made his first attempt in 1968. Now Danny has successfully set a new record in the same but refurbished car.

69-year-old Danny Thompson spent last few years working on the car, upgrading the interior while keeping the exterior as original as possible. Fanjet or turbojet engine powered vehicles have set a lot of speed records but this record stands out because it was powered by an internal-combustion piston-powered car. The established record is average of calculated speeds of the vehicle over a period of two days.

Danny Thompson said, “That has been the goal since day one of the project, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the extraordinary efforts of my crew. The men and women who volunteered to join me on this crazy adventure are the reason for today’s success. I can never thank them enough.” When Danny first set the record, his hard work faced huge rains which washed away the smoothness of the track. Danny’s parents were murdered in 1988. Therefore, the record is bittersweet for him. For 15 years after their deaths, he couldn’t bear to face the Challenger 2. He says that he feels like he has finally fulfilled his father’s dream by setting the record. Thompson thanked his friends, family, and supporters in his post about the record-setting day and described it as a fantastic day.


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