Watch This Knife Attached To A 150 MPH Rocket Slice Through Meat And Fruit

Knife slicing through fruit

It’s time for our favorite event: the Mindless destruction of stuff for no good reason! And who else can quench our thirst better than The Backyard Scientist and their insanely creative ideas? This time the team strapped a kitchen knife to a homemade sugar rocket, created a full track sprayed with graphite lubricant and then let it rip as it zoomed down at 150 MPH to murder cut random objects, much to the appeasement of our insatiable lust for chaos.

The objects included a toy car, a pineapple, a whole chicken, a chuck roast, and all sorts of fruits being sliced in two before you could even say the word rocket. The knife furiously flies down the track and literally in a blink of an eye the unsuspecting objects are divided (into halves) and conquered!

You will have to watch the video to enjoy the mania yourself!

The sadist in me approves!

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