German Kids Rush To The Beach As Thousands Of Toy Eggs Wash Up On The Shore

kinder eggs

German kids got the Kinder Surprise in its literal sense as thousands of these candy eggs washed up on the coast of Langeoog, on the Germany-Netherlands border, much to the delight of the children who invaded the beach upon hearing the news.

These Kinder eggs have somewhat of a cult following with the younger ones, as the chocolaty goodness of the egg ends with plastic yolk in the shape of a small prize inside the shell. The eggs have sold billions for over 40-year history, and by the looks of how people reacted at egg invasion at the north German beach, its demand is not going down for a long time.

The surge was brought upon after storm called Axel struck the area, flooding the coastal regions along with hitting a Danish freight container and causing the ‘Eggstravaganza.’

Manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero, they are loved across all of Germany, where the word das Überraschungsei, or “the surprise egg,” is even included in the dictionary.

I wonder how the American authorities would have reacted to the onslaught, considering that these eggs have been banned for a couple of years for posing a danger of ‘choking hazard to children.’

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