Watch: This Is What The Future Of Warfare Could Look Like With Drones And AI

The concept of war is inevitable. A lot of studies have been conducted on what the future of war looks like, and every time we are confronted with some astonishing facts. A lot of researchers state that humans today are not as aggressive as compared to ancient times. Although psychology has changed, the ultimate outcome of conflicts remains the same, in one way or the other. History has witnessed some great conflicts in the form of wars, but today the number of physical exertions has apparently been reduced to a considerable extent.

This doesn’t prove the fact that the notion of war has completely vanished, instead, we can say that the methods have been transformed. The humans of today are witnessing an era of technological innovation, and so war has become modernized as well. Now, we have robotic drones with state-of-the-art technology that are not only specialized in surveillance activities but are also well equipped for monitoring the target area and carrying out search and rescue operations. They can also have access to such places where humans or other machines can’t go.

Similarly, a new concept of war has emerged known as “shadow war,” in which hackers can easily scrutinize confidential information and then attack the software by sitting in any place in the world, making our data vulnerable to such discrepancies. The attackers can easily spread the virus to a lot of other computers. The documentary below explains this approach in a more detailed manner:

The most well-known example of this cyber attack is seen in Southern Ukraine in 2017 when the computers of the world’s largest shipping company, Maersk, were badly affected by the cyber-attack. The situation became so bad that neither of its 130 offices could actually access their data and they were eventually forced to use pen and paper for their everyday data recording. It was more like an epidemic there, and the loss that the company incurred because of this virus is estimated at 10 billion dollars.

Hence, as the world progresses, wars are becoming more like mercenaries, and cyber-attacks have become the most feasible option for the invaders to sue the data for a huge amount of money. Moreover, the video also demonstrates the charges of the U.S against six Russian military intelligence officers who have been convicted of a series of computer attacks from their headquarters known as the “aquarium”, where they have designed digital weapons to use against war and peace. Owing to this, Russia was regarded as a market for “hackers and potential mercenaries”.

Thus, these shadow wars are continuously expanding, every time with more power, and are putting large-scale businesses at stake with their physical and virtual threats.

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