This YouTuber Trained An AI Bot Using Millions Of 4Chan Posts – And It Is Horrifying

Whatever you may call it, either the detrimental effect of social media or the use of sophisticated technology, it is definitely a tech disparity. A YouTuber, “Yannic Kilcher,” who is also a professional in artificial intelligence, has trained a bot using AI to go through over a million posts on an ill-famed platform, “4chan.” The bot could not only post directly but also interact with the users in a very toxic and obnoxious way without letting them know of its nature.

It was reported that the YouTuber trained its bot for /pol/, i.e., “politically incorrect,” which is one of the most radicalized features of this website focused on talking about the most outrageous topics like racism, conspiracies, trolling, etc. The YouTuber utilized around three million posts from the page for this purpose.

A surprising thing to note is that Kilcher had no impact from the devastating results and was of the opinion that leaving such bots on the internet to make things worse is sometimes exhilarating. He further said, “The model was good in a terrible sense. It perfectly encapsulated the mix of offensiveness, nihilism, trolling, and deep distrust of any information whatsoever that permeates most posts on /pol. ”

However, the bot had to talk about the measures taken by climate change activists from the island of Seychelles, but due to its objectionable activities with the posts, the users caught attention. However, the users didn’t know that a bot was involved in these offensive posts.

The website 4chan is notably infamous for its anonymous nature and its high-profile attacks, where anyone can initiate any type of discussion from anywhere in the world. However, just 20 minutes before the launch of this bot, Kilcher gave a “content warning” to determine its noxious actions, but according to him, his bot is “more truthful” than other bots developed to bring about truthful replies.

No matter how humane this chatbot behaves, according to Kilcher, it is unethical to get it to engage in such activities. Kilcher stated, “The model is quite vile. I have to warn you.” It’s the same as if you were to go to the website directly and interact with users.”

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