Watch This Guy Climb Down A Torpedo Tube Abroad A US Nuclear Submarine

If you have ever used youtube, you must have heard of the SmarterEveryDay channel, where Devin explores the world using science. The channel has over 9 million subscribers as of 2020 and has accumulated over 900 million views, so up till now. On average, the guy makes around $3500 a day, which is pretty impressive! All because he brings some interesting stuff to watch.

Attach a torpedo inside a casing through a hatch on one end, close the hatch, and then fire it out the other end of the casing via another hatch. Seems simple enough, right?

In this video, he takes a trip aboard USS Toledo in the Arctic and crawls down into where most have never gone. While this adventure is admittedly a claustrophobe’s nightmare, it provides valuable insight into a U.S. Navy submarine. 

In the YouTube description, Devin wrote that he didn’t know he would have the opportunity to climb down the torpedo tube when he first boarded the USS Toledo. He used this opportunity to figure out how they work and learn how a torpedo leaves a submarine, which was something new to him.

He explains the apparently simple yet quite complicated system with ease. Moreover, his level of genuine interest in each detail makes the video just incredible.

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