Artificial Intelligence Beats US Air Force F-16 Pilot In A Dogfight 5 Times

Air Force is extending its research on Future Aerial Combat by conducting AI-based events. In the recent occasion termed Alpha dog fight, human-made (AI) ‘pilot’ won five back to back rounds of air combat against a real and highly skillful Air Force pilot ‘flying’ an F-16 Viper Fighter Jet.

The event which started a year ago was a component of more extensive AI research by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and is a piece of preliminary knowledge for the bigger Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program. The purpose of the program is to evaluate how much the AI can benefit the Air Force with future air combats.

Alpha dog fight, which began a year ago, had its final event on 18-20 August.
Heron systems got ahead of its rivals, beating them all to reach the top. They arrived in the finals with a real F-16 fighter pilot, and the Heron Artificial Intelligence massacred one of U.S Air Force’s top flyers in all five rounds.

The dog fights were simulated, backed by AI, and all the battling groups used modified F-16’S. The competition, which began in November 2019, according to the Drive, came to an end with Artificial Intelligence beating the human mind with ease. This very well indicates autonomous flights in wars taking over sometime soon, and the flying force equipped with this tech would have a massive advantage over its enemies.

The result of this competition will lead to an essential knowledge-base for the ACE program. According to DARPA, the expectation is to “energize and expand a base of AI developers,” as was accounted by Drive. The AlphaDogfight and the projects relevant to it showed how the Air Force is incorporating more and more AI into their future air battle possibilities to gain an immense advantage over any other state.

The expectation is to, at last, grow better frameworks to enhance the Air Force’s abilities. It’s incredible to witness an AI framework comfortably beat a top U.S. Flying pilot.

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