Watch These Thieves Steal A Tesla Model S Using Only A Tablet Device

The footage below was released by a Tesla Model S owner while his car was being stolen.

The video shows one of the thieves searching around in the vicinity of the house to sniff out signals which he could boost with a device. This method is called the Signal Amplification Relay Attack (SARA).

He finally finds the key fob signals and then transmits it to the other thief who has a receiving device near the driver’s door. Once unlocked, they struggle to unplug the charger from the car although unplugging the car is an easy step once unlocked.

They eventually figure it out and manage to drive off.

The owner nor Tesla could track the car using its GPS feature implying that either the car’s SIM card had been removed or its internet access had been blocked.

Tesla recommends these steps to prevent Tesla’s from being stolen

Tesla offers a number of protective tips to prevent their cars from being stolen, which in this case, the owner ignored.

A Faraday pouch Photo: Amazon

It recommends that the Key Fob be stored in some signal blocking packing or pouch (a.k.a a Faraday Pouch) when it is not in use so that sniffing out signals is not a possibility.

Secondly, it recommends that the passive entry feature be disabled for more protection as that is the method most likely to be used by a hacker.

For those who want the passive entry feature enabled due to its convenience, Tesla also offers a”PIN to Drive” feature which requires a PIN to entered before allowing the vehicle to be put in “Drive Mode” which it recommends to be turned on to add an additional layer of protection.

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