Ural’s Latest Sidecar Motorcycle Has its Own Built-In Drone

The latest Ural sidecar Motorcycle comes with Surprise- A drone neatly fitted into a compartment in the sidecar!

Photo (Ural)

Given that the Ural has been making relatively simple sidecar motorcycles with relatively similar design over the years, this upgrade is a huge deal!

The Russian Motorcycle maker, Ural has made a niche for itself in making rugged, robust motorcycles made of steel and aluminium with an optional sidecar to carry a third person. Making motorcycles from  1941, the motor maker prides itself on its time-tested design and Ural’s diehard fanbase loves the traditional Ural look with its constant features of a trunk-mounted luggage, a toolkit, and a utility shovel.

Ural’s Side Car Motorcycle

This latest design, however, sports a new technological upgrade that features a small button that opens up a hatch to release a drone. The controller of the drone is hard mounted to the sidecar which allows the passenger of the sidecar to pilot it. Interestingly a  windsock mounted on selfie stick is also part of the setup. The drone will help

The Ural Air, as its called, is the limited edition with only forty units being produced so if you’re a fan of motorcycles and drones, you might want to reserve yours now here.

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