Watch These Astronauts Pull Off The Mannequin Challenge In Space

Space Mannequin Challenge

Your mannequin challenge may have been cool, but it will never be ‘floating in the space cool’.

NASA’s astronauts did this mannequin challenge that is out of the world, literally. The mannequin challenge was the ultimate social media craze of 2016. While it may have annoyed some people, we cannot deny that it was cooler than any other recent trends. A lot of people took their chances with the challenge. From toddlers to teenagers, school events to weddings, there is hardly any place where it hasn’t been tried. The best of all was saved for last. At the International Space Station (ISS), 260 miles from the earth’s surface, Thomas Pesquet and the ISS crew experimented with microgravity for their mannequin challenge and posted the video to his Twitter Account on 30th of December.

The astronauts are definitely no weirdos with no love for fun. Showing off amazing possibilities of the space technology, they float completely motionless, in a completely silent background which Pesquet calls ‘Kind of Sci-fi Spooky’. 2016 is over and so is the mannequin challenge but if you still intend to try, do remember that this time the coolness bar is set ‘astronomically high’.

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