Watch: The U.S Navy Has Released Footage Of The Mysterious Drone Swarms Spotted Around Warships Off California

The US Navy revealed video evidence from a series of unexplained drone swarm occurrences near its warships today.

The five videos were released in response to the release of Pentagon records to US media site The Drive regarding the suspicious flying objects, or UFOs, that happened near Navy ships off the coast of California in 2019.

Two of the videos were shot on the destroyer USS Russell. The warship has sparked particular attention due to leaked videos of the event released last year. The triangular appearance of the objects in the videos triggered speculation that they were “flying pyramid” UFOs due to their shape.

According to Pentagon authorities, they were drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); however, their origin is unidentified.

“The triangular appearance is a result of light going through the night vision goggles, and then being recorded by an SLR camera,” Deputy Director for Naval Intelligence Scott Bray stated during a US congressional hearing last month about mysterious aircraft occurrences.

A sailor narrates the encounter with the mysterious drones in one of the videos, which was shot from the USS Russell on July 19, 2019.

“We have visual of four probable unidentified drones, with course unknown and speed unknown,” he said.

“Contacts are operating at a range of a thousand yards and holding. Tail numbers are unknown.”

The Pentagon also published a video obtained from the destroyer USS Paul Hamilton. It exhibited footage of the Bass Strait, a bulk carrier registered in Hong Kong.

According to previously leaked US military documents, the Navy felt the Bass Strait was “likely using UAVs to conduct surveillance on US Naval Forces.”

For US authorities, UFOs pose a national security concern. There have been reports of an aircraft flying without evident means of propulsion near military bases and coasts, raising the likelihood that viewers have seen undiscovered or secret Chinese or Russian technology.

A preliminary assessment released by US intelligence authorities last year cited 144 observations of planes or other objects travelling at unknown speeds or routes. But, except for only one sighting, investigators didn’t have enough information even to describe the nature of the encounter.

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