Watch The Slow Mo Guys Pour Liquid Mirror In Super Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys Made Use Of Liquid Gallium For This Video

Welcome to yet another amazing video by the Slow Mo Guys. This time we can see the duo working with liquid gallium and filming in slow motion under very different circumstances. For those of you who do not know; Gallium is a chemical element with the atomic number 31, and at the standard temperature, it is a soft and silvery-blue metal, but it transforms into a mirror-like white silver color once you make it transition into its liquid state.

The Slow Mo Guys Made Use Of Liquid Gallium For This Video

According to Wikipedia, ‘Elemental gallium is a liquid at temperatures greater than 29.76 °C (85.57 °F), above room temperature, but below the normal human body temperature of 37 °C (99 °F). Hence, the metal will melt in a person’s hands.’ The Slow Mo Guys were able to get their hands on this amazing yet tricky element and filmed the act of pouring it in slow motion in different ways.

The video has been titled ‘Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion’ since the element in its liquid state resembles totally like a mirror. The Slow Mo Guys filmed the liquid gallium in three different ways; for the first take, they poured it over a speaker. For the second take, they poured it out of a cup into a plate, and for the third take, they decided to pour it onto a drum.

The Slow Mo Guys Made Use Of Liquid Gallium For This Video

Coming back to the first take, the liquid gallium was poured over a speaker to observe how it reacts to the vibrations. The effect that was achieved reminded us of aliens. For the second take, it was poured onto a plate from a cup. The outcome made it look like a stream of mirror that was flowing from the cup to the plate. For the final take, the outcome was something amazing and mesmerizing, but you will have to watch the video below to observe it.

As mentioned before, for the final take, it was poured into a drum set to check out the effect that is produced when the drums are pounded on. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!

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