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Watch The Journey Of A 190-Ton Transformer From Germany To Switzerland

This particular item had to travel on roads, sit in boats, and check out the railroads before it finally made its way into the Swiss mountains. The whole journey is nothing short of a wonderful engineering and logistics feat. The said item was a 190-ton transformer that had to be moved from Germany all the way to Switzerland.

All of you who complain about having to navigate your car around a tight corner or on narrow streets will have to think twice before you complain about it. For this 190-ton transformer, a team of engineers and logistics personnel had to carefully plan the complete trip and make sure that the transformer makes it to its final destination without any kind of hiccup.

The journey kicked off with a drive of 105 kilometers on German roads. During the next phase of the journey, the transformer is then moved from the roads and onto a boat so that it can cross the Rhine River. For the next phase, the transformer is placed on a train, eventually finding its way again on a flatbed truck. The roads for this part of the journey are, however, completely different from the roads that the transformer had to traverse in Germany.

The roads in Germany were straight and larger, but they have been replaced with narrow and winding country roads as the truck moves up on the Swiss mountains. It has to work its way around small streets in small villages where the truck and transformer appear to be completely out of place because of the sweet village houses. Once the transformer approaches its destination, it is moved underground to a funicular railroad that makes its way under the mountains. Eventually, it is lowered to its final position – 200 meters down at the installation site.

Check out the video below and do let us know what you think of this amazing journey of sixteen days!

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