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This Taiwanese Teacher’s Board Drawings Will Blow Your Mind Away

[Image Courtesy of OB Illustration]

Meet Chaun Bin Chung, a Taiwanese teacher that should rather be a chalkboard artists. In this day and age when most of the professors are mostly dependent on digital technologies such as power point, Chung has made headlines for his stunning (and anatomically correct) chalkboard drawings.

[Image Courtesy of OB Illustration]
Chung has been a teacher of Anatomy of Arts and Painting Skill for the past three years at the Department of Visual Communication Design of Shu-Te University. And while every other teacher and instructor looks for the easiest way out, he has been a favourite with the students, courtesy his out of the box teaching methods.

He said in an interview,

“Yes, we have a textbook. But we don’t read it, we draw it. Students, majoring in this area, cannot learn by just reading the pictures on books. Instead, we learn while drawing something. In my classes, students have to draw what I am demonstrating on the chalkboard.”

[Image Courtesy of OB Illustration]
Clearly, his department is also impressed by his unique talent, and they expressed this in a statement the Department of Visual Communication design:

“…focuses on the cultural creativity  product industry, brand and visual media, multimedia and technology, and  artistic perspectives and creativity industries in Taiwan. The department  emphasizes the areas of graphic design, multimedia design, cultural  product design and package design, in order to train design professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled to undertake  challenges in the design industries.”

[Image Courtesy of OB Illustration]


Watch this teacher make the magic happen in one of his classes:

Where was this teacher when we were studying!