This University Professor Teaches Using Insanely Detailed Drawings – Using A Chalk And A Blackboard

If only our professors had taught us with such detail…

It seems like Zhong Quanbin is a teacher by profession and an artist by passion. The young teacher from Taiwan’s Shude University of Science and Technology has become sort of like a social media celebrity thanks to his minutely detailed anatomical blackboard drawings.

Zhong Quanbin can be rightfully titled “The Chalk Master”, using only a ruler and multicolored chalks to create masterpieces such as the human eye, bone structure and other organs. What makes these drawings more impressive than they already are, is that Quanbin goes the extra mile and draws the anatomical structures from various different angles which gives a more in-depth knowledge of the subject. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Quanbin knows his anatomy and has been blessed with the power to combine his artistic talents and science together for the betterment of humanity (Of course, we’re not exaggerating, just look at him…I mean his diagrams)

Quanbin doesn’t actually teach anatomy as most people assume from his detailed human body diagrams. He is a teacher for Anatomy illustrations and Drawing Skills at the Department of Visual Communication Design but has been sought out by different medical schools to teach their students how to draw the human body.

Another surprising bit about the talented teacher is that he was never really interested in medicine rather it was a stroke of luck. Because of his love for drawing, he used to share his hand-drawn skeletal drawings on social media, from where his talent was recognized and he was hired as a teacher to teach the students about the deconstruction of the position of bones, muscles and internal organs. This got him studying the human anatomy in detail which turned him into a human anatomy artist/specialist! According to Quanbin, “Students, majoring in this area, cannot learn by just reading the pictures on books. Instead, we learn while drawing something. In my classes, students have to draw what I am demonstrating on the chalkboard.

Quanbin shares his anatomical masterpieces on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Even if you’re not a med student, the neatly drawn illustrations would satisfy the perfectionist in you! Brb, enrolling in his course ASAP.

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