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These Copper Infused Bedsheets Can Regulate Your Body Temperature And Fight Bacteria

Getting proper sleep is crucial to living a healthy life. It has been proven by research that everyone must try to get a good, comfortable, and quality night’s sleep so that they can function at their highest possible productivity level. Most of us do focus on our mattress and the level of comfort that it has to offer but perhaps we should be equally focused on our bedsheets as well. That is where Savmos comes in with its line of sheets and pillowcases.

Savmos has chosen the perfect timing to garner funds on Kickstarter because warmer weather is approaching us and we are swapping our winter sheets and whatnot for that sweet summer cotton. Savmos is out on a mission to make our sweaty nights a treat with its sheet and pillowcases that have been crafted from the top-notch cotton-bamboo-blend fabric thus capable of imparting an ultra-soft feel.

However, what really sets Savmos apart is the copper-infused fibers that have been embedded in the weave. The copper serves as a dispersion conductor – it is capable of pulling your body heat away from you and then distributing it across the surface area of your bed. The result? Your body temperature is being regulated while you sleep thus enabling you to get a more comfortable sleep and not wake up in a pool of your sweat.

The copper in the sheets also serves another purpose; it can be used to repeal the dust mites and any other allergens. It is 99.4% antibacterial. The neglected sheets become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria given that they are not washed regularly. Savmos sheets will not only help you get a grip on the moisture but will also keep bacterial growth to a minimum.


The sheets are available in king, queen, and twin sizes with price ranging from $150 to $325 for a complete set. The pillowcases, on the other hand, will be available in two sizes and their prices start from $39.