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9 Ancient Achievements That Are Still Unexplained By Modern Science

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Although science has progressed quite a lot, there are still some wonders which are unexplained by science. We have compiled a list of 9 such ancient achievements that are yet unexplained by science and have left scientists baffled to say the least. Check out the list and let us know what you think about it.

9. Stonehenge

This is by far the most famous marvel from ancient times in world today. It seems like just a pile of rocks, however, it is an ancient astronomical observatory. These rocks were moved once a year and this allowed the folks to predict moon’s movements.

8. Roman concrete

A sample of ancient Roman concrete left scientists amazed. The sample was found in the Mediterranean Sea and it was concluded that the Roman methods were superior to ours; in terms of environmental safety and durability.

7. The Gate of the Sun


This one was created by Tiwanaku – a civilization that lived in the modern-day Bolivia long before the Incas. The work done by this civilization is even better than Aztec’s compared on the criteria of technological know-how. For instance, the quarry from where the stones for this arch came from was located 50 miles away – consider the fact that they didn’t even used animals for dragging the stones. How did they do it?

6. The Great Pyramid of Giza

This creation held the title of largest man-made structure for about 3,800 years. Scientific teams are still trying to figure out how it was created and what techniques were used for its construction.

5. Antikythera mechanism

This device dates back to 150 and 100 B.C. It was found in Greece and is known as an ancient analog computer that is capable of predicting astrological positions. It makes use of a series of gears so complex that scientists are shocked since the required technology is believed to be non-existent at that time for them to create this gadget.

4. Sacsayhuamán

Welcome to this ancient Peruvian site that is full of wonders. The giant stones in the wall are placed so close to one another that even blades of grass can’t slide between them. For thousands of years, this structure has survived and has no visible mortar either.

3. The Aeolipile

The first steam engine was invented back in 10 A.D. by the Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria. He might have also created world’s first vending machine. The products for the vending machine were conceived about thousands of years after that though.

2. Nazca lines

The Nazca desert in Peru contains a number of mystical, huge geoglyphs that were incorporated into the Earth’s surface between 450 and 600 A.D. These designs are quite strange when you also consider the fact that flight didn’t come into being after a couple of hundred years, which begs the question; who were these messages meant for?

1. Baghdad battery

In 250 B.C. clay batteries were being used in an ancient town located near Baghdad that were able to create 2 volts of electricity. What were they powering? That’s the question which has kept the scientists baffled.