Watch The Alpha Tauri F1 Team Fixing Yuki Tsunoda’s Rear Wing With Duct Tape – In The Middle Of The Race

In a bizzare turn of events, the Alpha Tauri team had to do something really unconventional during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix held over the weekend. A mechanical failure on Yuki Tsunoda’s car during the race made it even more stimulating and has left the Formula One fans stunned. This incredible car, worth millions, hit a bad patch when some mechanical issues arose with its rear wing on lap 39. It was discovered that the rear wing of their car got broken in the middle. Tsunoda was shown the black and orange flag, signaling him to pit and do something about the technical problem with his car.

Hats off to the determination of Alpha Tauri, who still faced this challenge, and instead of backing out, they started looking for something to repair the malfunctioned part and continue the race. Shortly, it was seen that they used duct tape to affix this broken wing and glued it to it by fixing Tsunoda’s flap to it as well. This was the perfect example of rational decision-making in a very short amount of time. Although the method they employed, i.e., the duct tape, didn’t seem suitable at that time in front of the whole crowd, it was what they all had, and there is no doubt that they utilized the resource efficiently.

On the other hand, this gripping scene became the prime focus not only for the spectators there but also attracted significant attention on social media. The former driver and commentator Paul di Resta was amazed by seeing the use of duct tape for the given anomaly and criticized the team by saying, “You can’t tape a wing-like that!” Apart from this, the tweets started to come out as soon as the pictures went viral.

One fan tweeted, “Lmao is just duct-taping a million-dollar rocket ship back together and sending Yuki Tsunoda back out there.” Another one said, “The pinnacle of motorsport is held together with bloody duct tape.” This is the equivalent of turning it off and on again. It’s a multi-million-pound sport, and you’re putting gaffer tape on. “HILARIOUS.”

Karun Chandhok, who was the reporter for Sky Sports, stated, “Jo Bauer, unfortunately, got here about five seconds too late and the car had already skidded off. This may not be something the FIA is particularly happy with. ” But despite all the criticism and the laughs they faced, they were finally able to continue with the race. The Japanese driver attained the 13th position, and his teammate Pierre Gasly was successful in making it up to the fifth point.

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