This New Electric Bubble Car Is Going Into Production Soon – And Its Price Has Been Revealed

The manufacturer of this new electric bubble car, i.e., Micro Mobility Systems AG, has finally revealed the pricing of its cars after last month’s launch of the Pioneer series. Microlino reservation holders can now get access to its pricing through an online configurable system. The manufacturing of this Isetta car started after the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. But an interesting thing is that this model didn’t go as expected in the formulation phase and then in 2020, a redesigning of the model in a “retro-modern” layout was done having thousands of confirmatory pre-bookings.

This cute little car, which contains a 12.5-kW motor and a 10.5-kWh battery, can attain a maximum speed of about 90 km/h and can cover a distance of up to 177 km on a one-time charge. These cars are made available in two colors, i.e., Torino Aluminium and Atlantis Blue, with some accessories included.

However, if we talk about the launch of the Microlino series 2.0 version, which was publicly communicated in 2021, its first 999 vehicles underwent into production in Turin, Italy, and are now accessible to the Swiss customers who are also its reservation holders. It has been reported that they can get access to the confirmed pricing options for the car by depositing CHF 500. The most awaited price for these cars has been set at CHF 20,990 (20,990 USD).

The company’s founder, Melin Outober, said, “Despite the challenges in the worldwide supply chain and a multiplication in prices of certain raw materials and a doubling in battery prices, we are satisfied to launch a premium and unique light electric vehicle at an affordable price.” Moreover, apart from the customers of Switzerland, anyone can make a reservation for a car and get access to the online configurator without even depositing a fee. In the last quarter of this year, the company will make these cars available for delivery to the German and Italian markets. However, it will extend into the remaining regions of Europe by 2023.

He further said, “The demand that we see is huge, and we are considering increasing our capacity even further in the future. For this year, we will focus on quality, not quantity.”

As soon as the continuous production of these vehicles begins and they cover a larger portion of the market, the Microlino is expected to get more variety in its battery packs. This means it will be available with 6, 10.5, and 14kWH battery collections. Moreover, the prices would also come down and start from CHF 14,990. As of now, the Swiss customers will be the pioneers in receiving the first deliveries of these vehicles during the summer of this year. However, the company is going to announce the test driving process of these cars at the end of this month.

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