Watch Tesla Autopilot Save Model 3 From A Collision

Tesla’s Autopilot Prevents Model 3 From Getting Into A Collision!

Are you aware that Tesla’s claim that the car crashes have dropped 40% with its incredible autopilot technology is being contested? Yes, that is true! At a time like this, a YouTube video has resurfaced from November 2018 where we can see Tesla’s autopilot jumping into action and preventing an accident.

Tesla’s Autopilot Prevents Model 3 From Getting Into A Collision!

Whenever anyone talks about Tesla’s autopilot, the first thing that comes to our mind is the news of how many times it has failed. This has somewhat clouded the success that its autopilot system has had so far and the number of times this marvelous software has succeeded and prevented accidents from happening.

The video that we are featuring today was posted back in November 2018 and shows the famous Tesla’s autopilot system engaging to prevent an accident from happening. The video was uploaded to YouTube with a simple caption of ‘IdiotRunsRed.’ We believe that is enough for the viewers to understand that the video is about an idiot who runs a red light.

The video, indeed, does show Tesla’s autopilot stepping in to prevent a last-minute accident. Some stupid drive decided to run the red light and popped up in front of Tesla’ Model 3. The autopilot system engaged and hits the breaks thus prevent a collision that could have caused severe damage.

Tesla’s Autopilot Prevents Model 3 From Getting Into A Collision!

The video has resurfaced just when electrek is telling that the Tesla’ autopilot crash rate drop claim that was made two years ago is being contested by a new report. A report that was published by NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation in January 2017 that said that Tesla’s crash rate dropped by 40% thanks to its autopilot system. The Quality Control Systems Corp (QCS) is contesting the claim; however, Tesla has already released a statement in defense of the claim.

Anyhow, check out the video below and do let us know what you think of Tesla’s autopilot system.

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