Tesla’s New Dog Mode Will Make Sure That Your Pet Remains Safe In The Car

Tesla’s Dog Mode Will Make Sure That Your Pet Remains Safe In The Car

So, you were already playing your part in helping the planet but now owning a Tesla means that your pets will remain safe as well. The famous electric car company has announced a new feature that has been designed to make sure that your dog remains safe while you are out running short errands. The ‘Dog Mode’ will keep the air conditioner in your car running and will also display the car’s temperature and a message for good Samaritans that might be considered about the dog’s safety inside your car on the vehicle’s screen.

The dog mode has been introduced after a Twitter user asked Elon Musk if a pet safety feature could be implemented and Elon Musk being Elon Musk said yes. Now Tesla owners can safely leave their dogs inside the car for short amounts of time. Once your Tesla is in dog mode, the center screen of the car displays a message that lets the observers know that the dog is safe and the owner will be back shortly.

The feature can be accessed quite easily by making use of the car’s settings. If your Tesla’s battery drops below 20% while it is in dog mode, the car will send out an alert to your Tesla app on your smartphone. The Tesla pet owners are, however, advised to double-check with the local regulations about pets in cars as some regions prohibit leaving your pets in the car under any circumstances.

Tesla’s Dog Mode Will Make Sure That Your Pet Remains Safe In The Car

The American Veterinary Medical Association has stated that every year hundreds of pets die in cars because the owners underestimate the interior temperature of their car. A parked car with windows rolled up can have its internal temperature rise by 20 degrees Fahrenheit in under ten minutes and the temperature rise by over 40 degrees Fahrenheit in an hour as compared to the temperature outside.

Apart from the dog mode, Tesla has also introduced a security tool named ‘sentry mode.’ Once activated, it sets the car to standby mode where the car begins monitoring the surroundings using the external cameras. The car switches to alert mode once something risky is noticed. During the alert mode, the car’s center screen shows a message thus alerting those within the view that the surroundings are under surveillance. If threat increases, for instance, a window is broken, the alarm is activated with the car’s audio system coming to life at the maximum volume.

Tesla’s Dog Mode Will Make Sure That Your Pet Remains Safe In The Car

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