WATCH: Spectacular Timelapse Taken From Inside SpaceX’s Crew Dragon


Early April, four ISS crew members were tasked to relocate Crew Dragon Resilience in order to make room for another SpaceCraft called the Crew Dragon Endeavour. Now, this isn’t the same as taking your car out of the parking lot and moving it to another one but the effect is the same. They have to make room for the second crew dragon to dock.

Resilience has now been moved to the international docking adapter 3 (IDA-3). This adapter faces space and was installed back in 2019 on the Space Station’s Harmony module. Four crew members were enough to relocate the ship but that didn’t stop them from having some fun and even catching some breathtaking sights on video.

One of the astronauts from NASA, Mike Hopkins, shared a stunning time-lapse video from the Resilience while they were moving it. He posted the video on Twitter and you have to see it. The short 15-second clip depicts the never-ending abyss of space with stars, one can only wonder how many light-years away, everywhere creating a mesmerizing view.

You can watch the original video below.

The Resilience will soon be joined by another Starship called the Crew Dragon Endeavor on April 22. The Endeavor after so many delays is finally slated to launch. It was going to launch on 20th April but was delayed for two days as both NASA and SpaceX officials said earlier this week that the launch was likely to slip a “couple of days” to enable a more “optimized” trajectory to reach the space station after liftoff.

The video really makes you want to go space though.


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