Watch What Happens When This Guy Drops An iPhone In Molten Aluminium

iphone in molten aluminum

There are gazillion ways of destroying an iPhone. Our favorite is dropping the phone and cracking it to bits, but it certainly is not the most exciting to watch. In fact, looking at a heartless person destroying an amazing iPhone is painful in itself. If you are one of those individuals who gets bothered by such a cold-blooded murder, you can stop here.

TheBackyardScientist has a thing for molten aluminum, and he doesn’t mind aluminum onto anything, water, melons, watermelons, pumpkins, pies, and even a steak. This dude is crazy, but the results are fascinating, and this time the victim of his insane experiments was an iPhone.

Watch the explosion as the iPhone drops into the boiling aluminum with a tiny explosion, which looks like a volcano bubbling in slow motion. As the metal begins to cool down, the phone seems to resemble a silver Terminator brick.

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