Watch Sergio Perez Drive His Red Bull F1 Car From New York To Miami

The 2022 Formula 1 season has begun, and suspense is building for a brand-new race on the schedule, the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix. Red Bull has created a hilarious video starring Sergio “Checo” Perez in anticipation of the Miami Grand Prix.

The video is titled ‘Race to Miami,’ and the plot revolves around Perez getting a little carried away following a “miscommunication” with Red Bull team leader Christian Horner. Perez is obliged to drive the Red Bull RB7 from New York to Miami in a single day due to the ridiculous scenario.

Watch Sergio Perez Drive His Red Bull F1 Car Through NYC and Miami -  Slomomotorsports

The 11-minute film has been meticulously produced and is very enjoyable to watch. Checo has to deal with all kinds of situations on his way to the “Miami International Autodrome,” which is a very cool nickname for the Miami Dolphins’ parking lot, from receiving a parking penalty in Manhattan’s Chinatown to coming face to face with a gigantic alligator in the Florida Everglades.

It all begins with a misunderstanding between Perez and Team Principal and CEO Christian Horner, who orders Checo to go from New York to Miami on the same day. As they discuss the impending new Miami GP and the possibility of taking some track laps there in May, the bustling environment of Manhattan’s streets distorts their conversation. When Horner says “in May,” Checo hears “today,” and his adventure begins.

“Assemble!” yells the Oracle Red Bull Racing pit crew. Checo appears in his race outfit, speeding across the murky city streets. The pit crew awaits him on Wall Street, the F1 car primed and ready for action. The vehicle, however, is not Checo’s actual F1 car, as the FIA doesn’t permit it.

Race to Miami begins on Wall Street

It is still dark outside. Then, the ground is suddenly illuminated by a searchlight streaming down from a helicopter piloted by a trusted pit crew member. Checo runs through the city streets, the searchlight and, eventually, the rising sun illuminating his path. As he makes his way out of town, he takes the FDR, passes through Chinatown, drives down 5th Avenue, and is soon on the Manhattan Bridge and on his way out of town. Christian learns of Checo’s travels through social media and tries to reach him, but Checo has left his cell phone in the hotel room.

Oracle Red Bull Racing gets the first laps on the Miami GP track

Then Checo is on to the Florida Everglades, where he races through the wetlands, getting confused and running across an 11-foot-long alligator. Parks Bonifay, a nice Florida local, comes to Checo’s help, offering Checo instructions to Miami.

Parks Bonifay barefoot water skis behind the Oracle Red Bull Racing RB7

Checo lands in Miami and its famed Calle Ocho in Little Havana, where the pit crew takes a break from operating dominos tables to wash the car. Checo cruises down the MacArthur Causeway, passing by parked cruise ships, with a few more directions from Miami Dolphins player Byron Jones.

Miami Dolphins player Byron Jones gives directions to the Miami GP track

Finally, he arrives at the Miami International Motordrome, which hosts the Miami Grand Prix, which is still in the works. And then closed.

Checo summons the pit crew, who come to the rescue once more by releasing the gates and allowing the car to take the first laps around the brand new track. The car’s speed and power amazed professional tennis player Reilly Opelka and skateboarders Jamie Foy and Zion Wright.

The RB7 gets a washdown in Miami

Christian, however, has tracked down Checo and summoned him to Hard Rock Stadium, where they converse via the jumboton on the field of the Miami Dolphins. Checo is now on his own to make his way home once the misunderstanding is settled.

Overall, however, it was a terrific journey.

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