WATCH: Powered Exoskeleton Gives Super Strength To Guy Who Suffers From Knee Problems

It won’t be long till we’ll be seeing superhumans in real life thanks to wonderful engineering practices and gadgets. *wink*

Brent Rose, a tech journalist had an amazing experience trying out a powered exoskeleton built by Roam Robotics, a San Francisco-based company. The robotic knee brace known as the Forge, from the company is used to double a person’s strength and endurance while reducing experienced G forces by half. As explained by Tim Swift, the founder, and CEO of Roam Robotics, the braces are quite beneficial for military personnel as they move around and crutch down many times during their training and missions. Similarly, they are quite useful for firemen as they have to cover a lot of ground and sometimes run up different flights of stairs while carrying their gear with them.

In the video shared by Wired, Rose explains how he suffers from knee complications which make it difficult for him to use his knees like a regular person. But thanks to the special exoskeleton, he was able to do some heavy knee-busting tasks without actually injuring himself or going for physiotherapy. He can be seen carrying the video’s director several flights up the stairs like it was a piece of cake! That’s not all, Rose also jumped from a high platform with about 50 pounds of weight on his shoulder just like Spiderman which according to him was the highlight of his day!   

According to Rose’s experience, he was able to stay on his feet the whole day, do squats 8 times while carrying weight, and even jumping from a tree without facing any consequences. The only thing which disappointed him was that the exoskeleton couldn’t magically make him fly and dunk a basketball. What can you say, there are still a few limitations when using the Forge, as with every other gadget.

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