Watch New Eye-Tracking Lasers That Bring Superman’s Heat Vision To Life In Action

The “Heat Vision” that was shown in Superman where he can shoot laser beams out of his eyes that are hot enough to melt anything has now a possibility of becoming a reality.

Hacksmith Industries are working on a project that has real-life burning lasers that shoot wherever you look.

The team started the project with eye-tracking glasses that are initially built for AR/VR technologies for gaming and medical industries. With some calibration, the glasses can be made to match their IMU to where the user’s eyes are looking. Next, they put together two 2.5-watt laser projectors with eye-tracking glasses with some coding magic through Python. For precision and depth analysis, they also added a laser range finder to the mix.

The cumulative power of the lasers is 5 watts which are enough for burning things or even making a person blind. This is the reason they upgraded the contraception by putting laser safety goggles inside the glasses. 

They have used pads to develop a shoulder mount using camera equipment that could keep the lasers on the user’s shoulders at precisely the same level as their head. There is a Superman logo on the helmet that is used to hide the rest of the electronics and the wireless router that are the main operator.

Superman style light emitting contact lenses shoot beams | Daily Mail Online

For the final demonstration, the team used the lasers to pop balloons from several lengths and through mirrors, light matches, and burn through cardboard pieces. They also used propane on balloons for that extra burning sensation. 

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