Watch This Demolition Crew Destroy The Wrong Building And Instantly Realise Their Mistake

Demolition fail

Time to bring two of our favorite things together, utter chaos and epic engineering fails! Accidents are an occupational hazard for men in the field of demolition, but this surely is the result of truly shoddy planning!

These demolition workers were tasked by the Baltimore City Department of Housing to bring down a crack-ridden building in Baltimore on Sunday. Everything was going great at first, but an ominous whoosh of the excavator saw the building next door fall into nothing but dust and rubble!
demolition of building

The adjacent building was not supposed to be brought down, but it isn’t clear on how someone could expect any other result since the workers were using a freaking excavator to topple a building practically conjoined with the building beside it.

Incidentally, the owner of the building watched the chaos from his own eyes, but had a rather upbeat attitude on the incident!

“We’ll rebuild it,” Joseph Rene, a developer who owns the former home of the Laundry Mutt—which is now a pile of bricks—told The Baltimore Sun. “We have no other option.”


Someone just became a millionaire, because that’s a pretty legit lawsuit right there!

Seeing the building fall like a house of cards, I definitely don’t believe in the 9/11 conspiracy theories anymore!

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