WATCH: Man Uses Lamborghini Exhaust to Cook World’s Most Expensive Skewered Meat

In another issue of people doing dumb things with expensive stuff, this man tries to cook skewered pork using the exhaust of his Lamborghini. This isn’t even the weirdest news I’ve read today but it comes close to the purchase of that invisible sculpture we talked about yesterday.

The man, from China, got his own minute of internet fame when videos and pictures of him trying to cook the pork started circulating the internet.

The “cooking show” took place a few days ago, when a group was gathered around an orange Lamborghini in an underground garage in Changsha, Hunan Province. Out of nowhere, the sports car owner and his friend decided it would be pretty cool if they could cook their skewered meat using their car’s exhaust.

Now Lamborghini’s pack a lot of power so it’s understandable to assume that their exhaust can output quite some heat. But pumping the accelerator constantly while the car was parked, how could they not have known that it was going to go very wrong very fast. The driver kept pressing the acceleration pedal of the parked car, while his smiling friend held the skewer, and bam, the car overheated which caused the water tank to blow up.

The car was covered in white vapor and coolant started leaking from the vehicle. There was so much smoke that bystanders had to move away from the car. You can watch a clip of the incident below. Things were going well until the smoke started coming out.

Why didn’t use the other cars to finish cooking the skewer? No one likes undercooked meat. Anyways, people are saying that the piece of skewered meat cost the car owner around 500,000 yuan or $79,000 in repairs. Yup, $79,000, this might the most expensive pork skewer in the world, and I thought wagyu was expensive.

Still, the incident didn’t seem to bother the car owner much as pictures showed them smiling and laughing while pushing the car onto a tow truck. The video went viral pretty quickly in China but most of the public was outraged rather than amused by the incident. Many denounced the driver’s attitude saying that he ruined an expensive car that most people could only dream of driving.

All I can say is, if I had a Lamborghini, I wouldn’t be using it as a portable Bar B Que.

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