Using Your Personal Trainer And Your Dog To Improve Mental Health


Mental Health is a big concern in this day and age. More and more information is becoming available and shared amongst us all. The spread of awareness of various conditions such as depression has been elevated partly due to the pandemic and how everyone has coped during the respective lockdown periods we have all endured but also due to the concerted effort of fundraisers and charities alike. Promoting the best fitness certification, feeding the homeless, or spotting the signs of depression are all important aspects of today’s society, and those that do so should be commended not criticized.

The rise in mental health issues during the Coronavirus restrictions coincided with a significant amount of sales of puppies and a growth in lost-dog adoption across the globe. Is this a coincidence or can having a dog really aid mental health and ease symptoms of mental illness? With Gyms slowly reopening and the ability to train outdoors, the importance of a personal trainer for the mind not just the body is imperative in modern society.


Mental illness can leave you feeling a bit lost in your own mind, sometimes failing to see the point in things and even questioning the reasons behind stuff you wouldn’t normally care for and vice versa. You can completely lose interest in the things that you love and that you normally enjoy. The introduction of a dog and the dependence they have on you for companionship, being fed and watered, being exercised, and having a warm and reliable home can certainly take your mind off the sometimes trivial matters that have been clogging up your headspace. Likewise, your personal trainer can spot patterns in your behaviour when you train and  decide when is the best time to push you and equally the best time to call it a day for your own good, mentally and physically. 


As eluded to above, depression can suck the joy out of the hobbies and activities you once relished. Stroking, cuddling, and playing with a K9-companion of your own is accompanied with happiness and pleasure when you connect with the animal and share that special bond between owner and dog. The companionship of a personal trainer is important too. Not just as an advisor and a guide but as morale support, motivation and a dependable trusted source that you can bond with.


Mental Health plays tricks on your mind and takes you on a rollercoaster journey of emotions. You can be on top of the world then come crashing down in an instant, seemingly from nothing. A dog will love you and treat you the same regardless of where you are on the scale of your disorder at that particular moment. Their loyalty is unmatched which is a real tonic during the bad times. A P.T may differe because some will only see loyalty in you re-booking and keeping paying htem. If that is the case, they are not for you. When you fins the right P.T, you will bid and become friends on top of your working relationship and develop naturally with close interaction that client-trainer rapport that is special.


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