WATCH: Man Flies Through Times Square On Drone

The collision of technology with marketing has opened new avenues for banding and outreach. Multiple brands are devising new strategies that to engage the audience and go viral with their unique and unprecedented marketing techniques. An example of such practice was the appearance of a green figure in New York City at Times Square. The figure was ‘flying’ in thin air and gliding over the heads of the people present.

The whole incident drew a myriad of attention from people present in person and later, on social media when it went viral. It is believed that this feat was carried out in memory of the Green Goblin from Spiderman movie that came in 2002. It may set a trend for human drones to be seen more commonly in the future for promotions of different brands.

It is yet to be determined that who was behind the whole incident actually and what was the main purpose of recreating the role of Green Goblin from the movie. If we jog our memory a little, we will find a similar tactic being replicated earlier in April that drew a fair share of attention from the audience as well. It was a ‘human drone’ as well that glided through the city. Both stuntpeople had the machine with eight rotor blades to support the flight.

There are speculations and rumors going around that both actions were performed by the famous Youtuber, Hunter Kowald. The basis of these rumors lies in the videos that appeared on his channel which are hot behind the scenes and they actually depict the same setting and preparations required for a stunt like the one exhibited in early April. This novel idea of using humans as drones can be a little dangerous as well. However, with correct safety measures and appropriate application, they can transform the world of advertising and promotions.

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