This Is Tesla’s New AI-Training Supercomputer

Just when it was thought that companies like Tesla have already peaked and there are not going to be any groundbreaking inventions or additions to their product portfolio, Tesla proves us wrong and continues the streak of innovation and technology. At this point, technology is only going ahead at an exponential rate and there are no limits to what it can achieve.

The company’s Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence revealed in a presentation that they are launching a new supercomputer on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). Currently, the fastest and most efficient supercomputer belongs to Japanese origin and is called the Fugaku supercomputer. Elon Musk had reiterated multiple times since yesteryear that they will launch a faster and better alternative with the name Dojo which will bring forward a revolution in the field of supercomputers.

The new supercomputer is claimed to rank in the fifth position in terms of floating-point operations per second (FLOPS). This supercomputer has 720 nodes of 8x A100 80GB with further significantly impressive specifications. The machine is said to act as a learning project for the Tesla team so they are better prepared for the practicalities which will come with the release and execution of the Dojo project. The Director further stated that the computers they produce are the basis of the autopilot and this particular supercomputer has the potential of taking this feature to the next level. this will enable the autopilot to function at higher and smoother speeds. This update in the feature requires intensive computing which will be done through the supercomputer they just introduced. An interesting piece of news states that Elon Musk will allow other car companies of autopilot to use his technology which will transform the industry for good as collective advancement in the niche will be experienced.

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