Watch How Ukrainian Fighters Are Designing Custom Drones To Fight Russian Forces

Drones were built over a century apart, but a unique combination of decades-old and cutting-edge technology-heavy artillery and remote-controlled drones — is assisting Ukraine’s army in breaking through Russia’s grip.

International efforts to transfer more guns and ammunition to Ukraine highlight the importance of artillery, with many NATO nations contributing some of the most advanced versions of these weapons.

Experts claim Ukrainian forces are going one step further by using readily available drone technology to offer real-time reconnaissance data on Russian targets and heavy fire weaponry with unparalleled precision.

“Each drone provides the opportunity to destroy enemy troops,” said Valerii Iakovenko, founder of DroneUA, a Ukrainian tech firm.

Modern drones often have restricted performance characteristics compared to highly specialised unmanned military aircraft. The prices of these products, on the other hand, are significantly lower. Moreover, in the hands of expert operators, even a low-cost UAV can be customised to perform surveillance missions and carry high explosives dropped in specific locations using visual input.

In Ukraine, groups of expert drone operators have arisen throughout the excruciating warfare between Ukraine and Russia. These people are primarily civilians with no military experience. Teachers, photographers, bankers, and drone enthusiasts make up these defence units.

Watch the video below to learn how these courageous souls engineered, repaired and piloted custom-made military drones:

Drones’ monitoring and reconnaissance benefits would be meaningless without strong artillery to back them up, which was a concern for Ukraine in the early days of the war.

In recent weeks, the United States, France, and Germany have all provided heavy artillery systems to Ukraine. In addition, Canada has supplied M777 cannons capable of firing guided shells, and the United States is expected to follow suit, according to sources.

Cancian, a retired US Marine colonel, said the heavy weaponry arriving from NATO countries would allow Ukraine to replenish its ammunition inventories regularly.

“That’s hugely important, particularly if you think the war is going to last a long time,” he said.

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