China Has Launched Its Third Aircraft Carrier – The Fujian

As per the Chinese state media, China officially inaugurated its third aircraft carrier named “Fujian” on Friday morning in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This is the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art vessel that was introduced “in a short but festive ceremony”. It has been in the manufacturing phase at the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) in Shanghai since 2018. This is the place where it was officially launched and the certificate was then awarded to the Fujian commanding officer, as per Global Times.

Talking about the specifications of this most advanced warship, it is China’s first domestically manufactured aircraft carrier and can carry a weight of more than 80,000 tons. The airplanes can take off and land on their arresting devices and electromagnetic catapults. As the inauguration has been completed, the sea trials are now in the starting phase.

A project to “modernize the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLA Navy)” has become the major source of launching Fujian. The PLA Navy is already equipped with two aircraft carriers named the “Soviet-era Liaoning” and “Shandong,” which were manufactured domestically as well. The design configuration of “Shandong” is also based on Liaoning. If we talk about Fujian, then it is also a fully domestic aircraft carrier with extraordinary capabilities.

Along with Fujian, there is a fourth aircraft carrier that is under construction. The most interesting thing about this fourth carrier is that it might be equipped with “nuclear power,” as reported by the South China Morning Post. However, both these upcoming aircraft carriers are larger in size and have a capacity to carry more aircraft as compared to the two existing carriers.

As per the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the satellite imaging of Fujian depicted the “dry deck,” which is flooded with different emblemed flags swinging from its flight deck, as can be seen in the picture. China relies heavily on its indigenous technology, and the domestically designed Fujian is living proof of this fact. Fujian is a symbol that depicts China’s expanding military valor and vigor.

This is definitely a breakthrough and an effort from China to not rely on any foreign military equipment and to build its own technological domain.

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