Watch How This New Autonomous Supply Drone By Bell Could Revolutionize Supply Drops Altogether

The concept of using drones to supply things has been applied for quite a while now. Military troops overseas commonly make use of airdrops to get food, ammunition, and medical supplies. However, these cargos that are parachuted down are often carried far away from the troops, sometimes even into the area of the enemy, causing problems.

Bell has launched a new electric-powered military drone for resupplying missions that can function without the need for a parachute. It is being called the Bell Autonomous Pod Transport (APT). It is basically a drone that carries two standard tactical packs, each capable of holding up to 60 lbs. with a max payload of 100 lbs. regarding the drop-off location, it can drop the goods exactly on one or two locations which is a giant leap.

The APT can carry two standard tactical boxes

“This speed bag resupply feature is a game-changer for the warfighter,” said in a statement Mike Goodwin, sales and strategy manager Bell. “With the ability to drop supplies quickly and efficiently in a drop zone or a remote location, we can get critical supplies delivered as soon as they’re needed.”

It is being said that the drone has been flown 420 times at U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, in Georgia, and a few other sites. Now, the company is seeking to show how the aircraft can drop supplies on demand at its cruising speed of 80 mph (129 km/h).

The major important benefit of this drone service is that this can drop the packages right at the locations, allowing personnel to immediately retrieve supplies without needing to wait for aircraft to land and takeoff. As a result of this, the battery power is saved by minimizing hover time, extending its mission range and time, and increasing the chances the aircraft will survive.  

It also shows that these drones will be fast and hence, difficult to be detected or seen and attacked by hostile parties.

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