Watch How Long This Gyroscopic Fidget Spinner Spins In A Vacuum Chamber

If we were to name the top three explosive things of 2017, fidget spinners gotta be in there. The little things were meant to help people with ADHD, but that does not mean the rest of the world can not enjoy them. People had all the fun making them out of gallium, iPhones, gold, and what not. It got a little worrisome when the electronic versions of the toy began to explode, but there is no stopping the world from this craze.

Countless of times you would have held your fidget spinner, staring at it turning, and see how long the spinning lasts. If you have figured out how long yours does, you might want to see how much longer the same could spin in the vacuum, the YouTuber Giaco Whatever has found the answer for you. Air friction is a considerable factor in stopping the spinning so it would be interesting to watch it happen in the vacuum.

The good part is that the YouTuber did not get a cheap spinner from the market. Instead, he built his own gyroscopic spinner with specialized bearings. The video is amusing to watch including the neat spinner making. The video is well worth you 7.5 minutes.

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