Watch How A Tesla Model Y Is Manufactured In Tesla Gigafactories

Tesla’s Model Y, the mid-size SUV by the company is in full production at its Shanghai Gigafactory in China. The video was recently uploaded on the company’s Weibo channel which shows the different steps that take place before a Tesla car reaches the finish line and is rolled out into the market.

Tesla’s Model Y is a family-friendly SUV that can carry up to seven passengers along with their cargo and comprises of a dual-motor with all-wheel drive. The car also features foldable seats with impressive 76 cubic feet of cargo space which is more than twice the space offered by Model S and at a cheaper price. While the Model Y is cheaper than S, it also lacks some advanced features of acceleration and top speed compared to the latter.

It is estimated that the Shanghai factory has an estimated production of 500,000 units per year thanks to the large number of robots at work. But its not just an autonomous factory, as there are about 2000 human employees as well. The video released by the company comes as a response to customer concerns after Tesla has been in the deep waters for its autopilot-related accidents. In May, a Tesla driver ran over two policemen, killing one of them. The cause of the accident was supposedly the autopilot feature used by the driver but Tesla made no comment regarding that. Similarly, a few days later, another Tesla driver reversed too fast, driving his car into a shop and blamed the car for the mishap. All these accidents led China’s automotive regulator to flag Tesla’s Autopilot feature which resulted in them releasing a software update for more than 200,000 cars.

With this video, the company is trying to show its transparency with the production of the cars and hopefully improve its brand reputation in the highly competitive market.

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