Watch How A Massive Coil Spring For The FJ Toyota Cruiser Is Manufactured

spring coiling

We all know the spring as a device which changes its shape as we apply an external force to it. The energy consumed in deforming the spring is recovered when the spring returns to its original shape. Due to its ability to be compressed, the spring lays the foundations of many electrical machines.  However, creating a spring in itself is quite a complicated process. But it is equally mesmerizing, as seen in the video below!


The description reads,

“With its unique modern-retro styling, unapologetic attitude and power, the FJ Cruiser is as far from middle-of-the-road as you can get.”

The process begins with shaping a red-hot metal right out of the kiln, which usually is stainless steel. Then, it is placed on a coil machine using tongs. The machine effortlessly bends and hot rolls the material into sound loops. These coils are ultimately quenched with water, releasing huge clouds of steam as the spring is cooled down. The step above ensures strengthening of coils, a decrease in induced stresses and maintenance of resilience,

Although the video doesn’t show it, yet, the spring also undergoes subsequent processes like grinding, setting and coating, to turn into the perfect product ready for your car.

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