Gorilla Glass That Made Your Phone Screens Will Now Make Indestructible Car Windscreens

gorrila glass car

Say goodbye to the frail and weak car windscreens prone to breaking even at the slightest of hits. Corning, the company that came up with Gorilla Glass mobile screens, has now expanded their product line, as it announced the arrival of Gorilla Glass for Automotive on Thursday at CES in Las Vegas.

The company also revealed that it had added some additional constituents while making the screen to help protect it against the extremities of weather, such as hailstorms and high temperatures while focusing on making it more rigid and durable.

The company also demonstrated the effectiveness and practicality of the idea. Corning built an electric car and installed a Gorilla Glass windshield, sunroof, dashboard, rear window and even a touchscreen display connected to a control panel between two seats.

Corning’s chief strategy officer Dr. Jeffrey Evenson spoke to press on the potential of the product,

“Glass can be to the next 50 years what silicon components have been for the last 50 years.”

Pic Credits: mashable

Evenson also claimed that the Gorilla Automotive Glass is lighter, thinner yet, stronger than traditional automotive glass, implying that it checks all the right boxes and would make a car more energy efficient and safer to drive.

The company states that Gorilla Glass Automotive is twice more resistant to sharp stone impact. Thus, the user has a better chance of avoiding the dreaded crack on your windshield when that big truck shoots back a pebble at your car.

The flexibility and versatility of the Gorilla Glass are maintained, portrayed through surfaces like the control panel and side windows. These screens also have an option of switching between opaque to clear view with just the press of the button, a feature unseen in any cars before.

Pic Credits: mashable

Corning is producing the windshields on a large scale after announcing a partnership with glass manufacturer Saint Gobain. There is no word on how much these windshields will cost, but we are hopeful that along with the focus on other features, Corning will emphasize on cost-effectiveness as well.

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